Demolition Company near Collin County

Hello and Welcome to Junk Queen TX’s demolition services webpage. We hope you are having a great day knowing your eyesore on your property is soon to be methodically broken down and removed piece by piece by a local, licensed and insured junk removal and demolition services company, serving Collin County and Grayson County. Our most common requests are mobile home removals, old home knock downs, shed removals, and barn dismantling and demolition. If you have any questions at all please call us at: 469-609-6209, or Request a Free Quote on Your Demolition Project

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Tear Down Remove Old Mobile Home Collin County Texas

Tearing down an old mobile home

Manufactured home demolition is much easier than most structural demo jobs. A good mobile home removal company can remove a mobile home in a day or two.

Cost for Mobile home Demolition and Removal: Call for Estimates
Junk Queen TX Demolition Services mobile home demolition.

What affects Mobile Home Removal Pricing?
Distance to landfill
Household remnants left behind
Dumpster Rental & Landfill disposal fees
Machines needed to complete the work
Number of crew members need to complete job
Requirements set forth by mobile home park
The total volume of demolition waste
Reasons to consider Mobile Home Removal Services
Damage caused by fire or flood
Need it gone fast!
Prefer that the home be recycled
Unable or unsafe to transport
Unsafe or unlivable conditions
Mobile Home Demolition Process
1. Call to get quotes on your mobile home demolition job.
2. Make sure to choose a licensed and insured contractor.
3. The contractor you choose will be responsible for pulling a demolition permit.
4. Allow the contractor 7 days to complete the work (worst case scenario).

Have more Questions?
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Shed Demolition Knock Down Removal Service near Plano Texas


You look out at your backyard, and what do you see: that old, rickety storage shed that has been falling apart for months—or even years at this point. You keep telling yourself that you are going to tear it down on your own, but there just never seems to be enough time. Plus, how does one person lift all of that heavy debris into a truck bed, dumpster or trailer to haul it away?

If you have an old utility building that is an eyesore in your backyard, or a storage shed that is in disrepair, our shed removal service here at Junk Queen TX can remove it from your property. Our team specializes in tearing down existing storage buildings in and around the Collin County and Grayson County area while also removing the debris from your property, and disposing of the storage shed remnants accordingly—making it a hassle-free and time-saving option for our customers.


The first step to removing your old or unwanted storage shed or utility building from your property is to give one of our sales locations in or near Allen, Texas or Plano Texas a call about our shed removal service. Then, after talking to one of our expert team members, Junk Queen TX will send out a demolition crew to disassemble and haul away your old or unwanted storage building or utility shed from your backyard.

Once our storage shed demolition and disposal crew arrives at your property, they will begin to disassemble your old, unwanted storage or utility building piece by piece in an organized manner. Upon completion of tearing down your existing utility shed or storage building, our team members will clean up the debris from your demolished backyard storage structure, and place it in one of our on-site dump trailers. After all of the remnants from your unwanted Collin County, Texas storage shed or utility building have been collected and placed in one of our dump trailers, the Junk Queen TX crew will haul it away from your property for proper disposal. All you have to do is call Junk Queen TX, tell our team about the specific location and dimensions of your storage shed or utility building, and our shed removal service will do the rest of the work.


Barn Dismantling and Demolition near Allen Texas in Collin County

Dismantle Old Barns and Demolition Them

Completely dismantle and remove the entire barn excluding anything that is inside the barn, the foundation, or silos. Any items inside of the barn are the owner’s responsibility unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Clean up the entire site, leaving only ashes from burning non-salvageable barn wood and the foundation. Includes raking the site, picking up nails and scrap metal, and hauling off any unburnable barn materials. If burning of barn wood is not allowed in your area other means of removal will need to be determined.

All salvageable barn materials will be recycled as part of Junk Queen TX’s commitment to a greener local sustainable economy, or destroyed if beyond saving. Everything is legally demolitioned and hauled away by our licensed and trained team. We evaluate each barn individually to determine your price for scope of work based on the size of the barn, location and any other junk removal or demolition projects you may want from Junk Queen TX.

We are proud to provide this very eco-friendly way to possibly lower your liability, property tax and homeowners insurance, while regaining usable land. In addition, we save some trees through the reclaiming of old barn wood for timber framing and rustic decor in other markets.

Demolition Company near Collin County Demolition Company near Collin County Demolition Company near Collin County Demolition Company near Collin County