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Are you in need of a whole house clean out service provider? If your answer is yes, Junk Queen TX does complete clean out services. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professional team come take care of the clean out that you need.

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Junk Queen’s House Clean Out Service
Junk Queen TX constantly strives to maintain the best service. Junk Queen TX makes sure everyone is on the same page, to ensure the best service for our customers.

Junk Queen TX doesn’t play games. We know we have a job to do and we will get it done.

If you need a professional junk hauling and clean out service to help you with your junk pickup, call Junk Queen TX!

We provide junk removal and hauling services to customers along with the best prices! If you need a professional, insured Junk Removal company – call Junk Queen TX!

The Importance of a Professional House Clean Out Service
If you are a real estate professional, you should not have to worry about doing a house clean out like it’s a DIY project. It is critical define a service provider that can do a complete clean out of the interior of the property. Finding a reliable removal and hauling Company is essential.

There are a lot of homes that are normally foreclosed and sold without any major repairs. It is important to clean out the property prior to preparing it for a subsequent sale or an open house.

Professional firms take precautions and our service to preserve and protect any collateral to the foreclosure process. The main reason is they understand that the real estate professionals and investors guidelines in order to make sure that all the work is completed properly.

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A lot of preparation is necessary before a foreclosed home can be set up for an open house. Banks and realtors with an abundant inventory of properties always need to hire a foreclosure cleanup company.

Extra Services Provided
Carpet disposal and removal
Table, chair and desk removal
Workout equipment removal and pick up
Bed, sofa, and couch disposals
Damaged Electronics Removals and Disposals
More detailed item list below
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Stress-Free Whole House Clean Out Service
As part of our stress-free direction in the removal service that we provide, you won’t need to lift a thing. Our team members are professionals and they provide efficient, friendly, and stress-free customer service.

Emergency clean out:
Do you need something picked up the same day? We can make that happen because we also offer same-day pick up the next day pick up options to fill that need.

Belief in the environment:
Over 70% of the items that we haul are recycled or donated. This is part of our Eco-friendly belief in order to help environmental sustainability.

No Hidden Fees:
With our promises that there are no hidden fees, you will be provided with an estimate before we start any service. By doing this, you will feel no pressure and have no obligation required from us

This Is What We Do
Save your back and let Junk Queen TX handle all the heavy junk. Our team is full of members that are highly trained to handle all your heavy lifting and hauling jobs.

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Best House Clean out in Collin County, Texas

It doesn’t matter how bulky or heavy your items are, we’ll figure out the best way to get them on the truck and haul away. After we’ve figured out the proper estimate for the volume of furniture you will need to be removed or hauled, we will decide the best truck for the job. Choosing the best truck will allow us to make fewer trips, which means fewer visits from us to complete the house clean out job.
These services often include hauling away large appliances, unwanted items, old furniture, attic items, garage cleaned out with an abundant inventory of properties always need to hire a foreclosure clean out company.

Collin County House Clean Out Near Me

Junk Queen TX is the right company for your foreclosure clean out
We provide you with quality, reliable, and fast service. Junk Queen TX know that in order for you to list your home as quickly as possible you need them till look spotless. Our customer service is hassle-free and cost-efficient for you. You already have enough that you’re dealing with selling a home and the task of removing any junk is something we can take off your hands.

We offer a fast and family junk hauling service which is also eco-friendly. We believe in donating as well as recycling more of the junk that we collect. This includes old furniture, appliances and renovation debris.

All estimates and quotes are provided up front and there are no hidden fees to the service that we provide.

Our team can handle large trash hauling and waste removal. We Have the tools and trucks to do any size of jobs. Same day junk removal is available, but we can also schedule a set date and time for any type of clean out service that you need.

Reach out to us and we will send you an accurate quote for the job that you need to be done.

The Process of the House Clean Out
The process of a cleanout can get very cluttered and messy. Whether you are simply trying to clutter and entire house, looking to sell, and or moving out. Junk Queen TX provides whole house clean out services.

Our services leave nothing behind. From kitchen appliances, dinnerware, basement clean out, large furniture removal, plus garages… we do it all. Our team is experienced to handle any type of house clean out. When they arrive they plan how they are going to execute the complete clean out of the house.

In some cases, our service begins with removing loose items. The loose items are taken care of for us because it gets rid of the worry about stepping on the loose things as we haul everything out.

Once everything that is loose is cleared, this allows our team members to remove larger items a lot easier. In this case, even the loose items within large furniture’s I emptied out and allow the weight to be less.

Making Appointments
Are you ready to schedule an appointment? You can Fill out the form to send us a message for the same day or next day. Message us today or call us for your free house clean out service estimate.

It doesn’t matter whether you have large appliances that are old or a couch that you need this post, whatever you need to be hauled and removed we will gladly take care of for you.

Below is a list of various types of unwanted items that we take:


Record Player consoles

Dining Sets

End Tables

Coffee Tables






Curio Cabinets


Vanity Sets


Couches and Sofas


Game Tables




Headboards and More

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Donating and Recycling Items
As we mentioned earlier we believe and donating as well as recycling and unwanted item and junk that we clean out.

Not everything that needs to be removed from a space needs to go straight to the dump.
Whether we donate to charities, we’ll find someone suitable for the items.

Do you have suggestions or a preferred organization? Be sure to mention that to us and we can make sure that they receive the items as donations.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that it is recycled properly. Keeping hazardous materials and objects out of the Landfill is one of the things that we take in part responsible for.

Junk Queen TX believes in protecting the environment in whatever way we can. All of our clean out services and junk removal services that we provide follow this idea.

We Know Where to Go
Having done this for over years we know where to take old and used furniture. We’ve also donated enough to know which charities will take the used furniture and items.