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Junk Queen TX Junk Removal and Hauling Business has been providing affordable services for the public in Weston, TX Since 1984. It has and always will be a family business. We pride ourselves on being dependable, clean, and friendly. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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Quick and Trusted Junk Removal Company in Weston, TX

No matter what time of the year, Junk Queen TX Hauling Service can help you get rid of that long ignored junk pile sitting at the corner of your basement or that old ten-speed bicycle with the flat tire taking up space in your car port. Whatever hauling service you require, we do it all. Whether you need trash removal or electrical appliance recycling, Junk Queen TX Hauling is quick, professional and friendly. We serve households and businesses from Weston, TX and all surrounding cities in between. For quick and friendly junk removal service, you can always rely on Junk Queen TX Junk’s and Hauling Service.
Electronic Waste Removal
Don’t discard that old TV in the trash. Being environmentally friendly when it comes to junk removal is a big part of our business. Let us get rid of your old TVs, computers, monitors, printers, broken coffee makers, rusted toasters and other old electrical items. We do the recycling for you. If any of the items are still in usable condition, we may even donate them to local charities.

Weston, TX. Professional Junk Removal Service with Efficiency

Efficiency is key at Junk Queen TX Hauling. We provide free estimates and the job is usually completed the same day as price approval. Our prices are determined by quantity, bulk, weight, and the amount of work required to load our truck. We haul both large and small items from old furniture and appliances to stacks of yellowed newspapers. Nobody is more efficient at junk removal than Junk Queen TX Hauling.

Junk Queen TX Hauling is quick, professional and friendly and covers all trash removal, junk removal or hauling services from businesses and residences in Weston, TX and surrounding areas.

Let us help you lighten the junk load at home or work. Call us today for a free estimate and be rid of all your junk now!

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